Loud: Customized Review


Loud! Magazine Date Unknown

Written By Phil Caine

“Most of the national press’ attention on this band has been focused on bassist, Paul Diamond, due to him formerly being a member of Manchester-based glamsters Rox. However, regular punters at The Wilsons Bar in Liverpool will know this band from their previous moniker, Gran Torino (some, with even longer memories, may even remember Strange Heart from 3 or 4 years ago). If, like me, you’ve seen the band dozens of times in small pubs, this album may comes as something of a shock. That’s why it’s taken me over a month to get down to the task of reviewing this, their debut album.

For a start, my 2 favourite “old” songs on the album, “Out Of The Fire,” and “Dance Crazy,” have been rewritten/re-arranged, and they take some getting used to. Also, the production on “OOTF,” is way below standard and “DC,” does have hints of Motley Crue’s “Dancing On Glass,” in it.

Elsewhere, Export’s Steve Morris has done a commendable job behind the desk, transforming “Steal My Thunder,” into a song of Bon Jovi-esque stature and giving album-closer “Never Surrender,” balls in all the right places. (How many places?- Ed.)

A trip to the States would do the band the world of good- the American feel is certainly there in the music, and British fans don’t exactly take bands like this to their bosom unless they are big news across the pond.

A pity, because these Liverpool lads have come up with a good debut album.”