Customized (1988)


Torino Customized

WKFM104 1988

The debut album from Torino is a wonderfully crafted piece of AOR from a band who’s relative inexperience is not apparent. They show here that they can adapt to whatever is required with the song, taking in ballads and rock belters with the utmost of ease. There is clearly passion here, and the album certainly reflects that. This is a slice of AOR heaven.


For fans of: Whitesnake, Boston, Ratt

Track Listing:

  1. Out Of The Fire
  2. Steal My Thunder
  3. Somewhere
  4. Can’t Let Go
  5. Boys Of The Wild
  6. Call Of The Wild
  7. Take My Heart Away
  8. Dance Crazy
  9. Never SurrenderFM Revolver Logo