Tandy & Morgan/ The Tandy Morgan Band

Richard Tandy and Dave Morgan's careers had been closely intertwined from the very beginning. They both played in the Birmingham based band The Ugly's in the late 1960s, and they would be reunited in the 1980s when Dave Morgan joined Electric Light Orchestra, as a guitarist (Tandy had of course been playing with ELO since 1972: in the interim Morgan had served as the guitarist in an early line up of Magnum, leaving before they released their debut album.)

As ELO disbanded in the mid 1980s, Tandy & Morgan needed a new outlet for their creativity. Having worked with each other for so long up to this point, they decided that there was no point looking elsewhere for the foundation of a new band, and so together they began work on what would eventually come to be known as The Tandy Morgan Band, and in 1985 they released the concept album Earthrise through FM-Revolver. The following year, the EP Action! was released to raise money for The West Midlands Children's Hospice.

This was unfortunately the last we would hear of Tandy & Morgan, with the exception of their 1987 release of previously recorded unreleased material in the form of the B.C. Collection. Dave Morgan has since released a string of solo albums, while Richard Tandy has of course been busy touring with the reformed ELO.