Sylum Sylum


Sylum Sylum
WKFM44 (1985)

At its peak, the new romantic/goth scene spawned some classic records and formed the careers of countless legendary bands. One such band that slipped agonisingly under the radar is Sylum. This, their only album, brought together the best elements of the goth scene and mixed it with the best elements of the more polished new romantic scene to create a wonderfully bright and visceral record. The album may have been their only one, but it was one hell of an album.

For fans of: The Cure, Soft Cell, Bauhaus

Track Listing:

  1. Mirror Images
  2. I Just Wish
  3. Class Visual Freak
  4. Sing Along With Me
  5. I’m On The Martian’s Side
  6. Action In The Fast Lane
  7. Mistakes Of The Heart
  8. You Keep The City Awake
  9. Break Down The Wall
  10. I’m Impressed

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