In 1980, the band Trojan formed in Birmingham, UK: it wouldn't be too long before they took the name that would make them famous: Shy. Consisting of Tony Mills on vocals, Steve Harris (not the Iron Maiden bassist) on guitar, Paddy McKenna on keyboards, Mark Badrick on bass and Alan Kelly on drums, their earliest work was very glam influenced, with singer Mills wearing David Bowie style makeup around the time of their first release, 1983's Once Bitten... Twice...

Following this release and the replacement of Badrick, with Roy Davies from Trouble coming in to take over bass duties, the band dropped their makeup and took a more AOR influenced direction, and 1985's Brave The Storm saw them rise in popularity, touring with Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, UFO, Twisted Sister and Gary Moore in the wake of the release. Things could only get better for Shy, and in 1987 the release of Excess All Areas gave them their biggest hit yet, Break Down The Walls, co-written with Don Dokken. 

FM-Revolver released the EP Just Love Me in the UK in 1988, with the title track taken from Excess All Areas and the three other tracks on the EP being live recordings from a concert at The Marquee in London in November 1987. The next release for the band would be 1989's Misspent Youth: the album was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, famous for his work on a number of Queen albums, along with uncountable other artists. 

The departure of Mills followed soon after, and the band's output began to slow down somewhat. Mills has had a varied career that has seen him work with the likes of Cinderella, The Sweet and TNT to name a few, with various reunions with his old bandmates in Shy over the years. Unfortunately, the passing of Harris in 2011 from a brain tumour, and the band's admission that he is irreplaceable, has meant that no new music has been heard from the band as yet, and likely never will be. Mills continues to work as a session vocalist.