Multi-Story formed in the early 1980s in the South East of Wales, UK, consisting of Paul Ford on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Roger Nasey on Bass Guitar, Rob Wilsher on Keyboards, Andy Carney on Lead Guitar and Steve Byrne on Drums. An invitation to record a session for Tommy Vance's BBC Radio One Rock Show in 1984 bought the band their first taste of the studio, along with their first taste of radio airplay. It wasn't long after this that the band were signed to FM-Revolver, and their debut album, East/ West, would be recorded in 1985 with Liam Sternberg taking Production credits, adding Multi-Story to a list that also includes Ratt and Kirsty McColl. Sternberg is also known for being the songwriter behind The Bangles' hit single Walk Like An Egyptian.

To support the release of the album, the band went out on tour in support of fellow FM-Revolver band Magnum, who were riding high on the success of On A Storyteller's Night at the time. Things kept moving onwards and upwards for Multi Story: a headline slot at London's prestigious Marquee Club, followed by a 20 minute slot for ITV's Rock Steady, kept the band right in the public eye. They soon went into the studio again to record their already heavily anticipated follow up, Through Your Eyes, with producer Kit Wolven, who had worked on On A Storyteller's Night. The band that recorded this album was slightly different to that which had recorded East/ West, with Gary Davies taking over on the drums and Grantley Nicholas (who would go on to join Feeder) on Vocals, Steve and Paul having left the band. 

Following the release of Through Your Eyes, the band and the label parted ways, and ultimately, so did the individual band members, and nothing more was heard of them until 2015, when original members Paul Ford and Rob Wilsher reunited and started writing songs together. Feeling that this new material was worthy of the Multi Story name, they have since assembled a band, released an album and are active once again.