Mr. Blank

Mr Blank Mr Blank's EP

'Mr. Blank' was a one man group featuring Electronic producer Steve Miller, who in his career has featured in the Electronic groups 'Dos Hombres', 'Lux', 'No Logo', 'The Normalites' and 'The Suntwins' who released a number of chart hitting singles. His main success in music came as a producer however, and has been accredited in his career for producing over 60 singles as well as writing and arrangement since 1993.

And that's where Steve Miller's association with FM Revolver comes in. Shortly after releasing the successful single "Move On Up", Miller signed to FM and released the EP entitled "Mr. Blank's" in 1993. The EP mixed Jazz with Electronic beats and textures and is without doubt a solid release that unfortunately fell under the radar in a scene in the UK which was already over saturated with Electronic DJ's and producers. What this release did do for Miler was kick start a career that including working with a number of other DJ's and producers in what has been a long and fruitful career. 

Steve Miller goes by the alias of Afterlife in much of his work: you can find his official website here. Interestingly enough, he describes a key moment of his as being six years spent on the road playing keyboards with Bassdance, who also released music through FM-Revolver. These days, Miller lives in Cornwall, and is still very actively making music under a number of different names. His achievements include having more tracks on the Cafe Del Mar series than any other producer, having tracks featured on over 500 compilations otherwise.