Ma Kelley

MA Kelley Change In The Weather

Ma Kelley emerged from Pyrmont, Indiana at the tail end of the 1980s, releasing their eponymous debut album in 1990. The original lineup of the band consisted of Terry Potts on Vocals and Guitar, Troy Seele on Lead Guitar, Cozy Johnson on Drums, Dan Metro on Keyboards and Alan Kelly on Bass, though Kelly was replaced with Dane Poe before the band recorded their debut. The same lineup of the band as was present on the debut released a further two albums, Some Live Some Not (1991) and Banned In America (1993).

The band's involvement with FM-Revolver Records comes in here: the recruitment of Bo Wallace on bass to replace the departing Dane Poe and the following recording sessions resulted in the album Change In The Weather, which FM-Revolver released in 1995. A final album followed in 1997, Human Dance, but since then new music has unfortunately not been forthcoming from Ma Kelley. However, the band did attempt to organise a reunion, to take place in 2017, which it turns out was just not meant to be. We can possibly take this as a sign that the band are still on good terms though, and so new music in the future may not be as distant a hope as some might have feared!