Kim Waters

Kim Waters is a saxophone player that has enjoyed a career longevity that most musicians could only dream of, releasing his first album in 1990 and still making music today. His second and third albums, 1990's Sax Appeal and 1991's Sweet & Saxy, were reissued through FM Jazz as a two album bundle. 

Music has always been a big part of Waters' life: born to a musical family in Maryland, USA, he picked up his first musical instrument at the tender age of 8. Admittedly, it was a violin, and he wouldn't pick up the saxophone until he was 13 (to the assumed relief of the male members of his family, with whom Waters' said that the violin "didn't go over well.") Waters' began playing in bands with his brothers, before signing to Warlock Records and releasing his first album in 1990. While he would find more commercial success with his post-1998 albums, when he started incorporating pop covers, these early albums are amongst his most innovative and exciting, and the FM released double issue is certainly worth a look if you want a solid introduction to Waters' music!