Garrie And The Roosters

Garrie And The Roosters

Garrie And The Roosters Shake It Down

Garrie J. Lammin started his musical career in 1974, when he joined his cousin’s streetpunk band Janus, who soon after changed their name to Cock Sparrer. The band received interest from Malcolm McLaren, though this interest wasn’t returned by the band,  who didn’t join him in his vision for reasons unclear (one rumour is that he refused to get a round in, another is that he wanted to change the way they styled themselves.) McLaren went on to manage the Sex Pistols, and Cock Sparrer released a couple of singles and an album through Decca Records before Lammin departed in 1978.

The Little Roosters was Lammin’s next creative outlet: drawing comparisons with The Small Faces owing in part to Lammin’s cockney charm as a frontman (which never quite shined through in Cock Sparrer, where he had only played guitar, and his singing talent went quite unnoticed.) Taking influences from 60’s garage rock and R&B, they released a handful of singles, one of which featured a then unknown Alison Moyet, before Joe Strummer of The Clash came forward to record their eponymous debut album, released in 1981.

Another change in style came soon after, with the album Shake It Down, released under the name Garrie And The Roosters, released in 1985, and featuring performances from members of The Inmates and Big Heat, along with drumming and production credits going to Eddie from The Vibrators, another big FM-Revolver band. This album was released through FM-Revolver Records, and could have been the start of an excellent working relationship with Lammin had he not chosen this time to quit the music career to focus on his acting.

Admittedly, not one to do things by half, his acting career alone is deserving of respect, even if you forget his illustrious musical career completely. The Informant, The Calcium Kid and The Ice House gave Lammin his taste of big screen action, while numerous roles on TV including parts in Eastenders, The Bill, Doctors and Auf Wiedersen, Pet kept him very much in the public eye.

Since the turn of the millennium, Lammin has become more focussed on music again, with The Zen Buddah’ Boot Boys and The Bermondsey Joyriders being his latest projects, seeing him work with Dave Goodman, who produced the Sex Pistols, and Martin Stacy of the punk band Chelsea. The Bermondsey Joyriders are very much active at the time of writing.