Dark Star


Melodic NWOBHM band 'Dark Star' were perhaps best known for their 'hit' "Lady of Mars", which was featured on the 'Metal for Muthas' Vol. 2 compilation album as well as featuring on their self-titled debut album "Dark Star", which was released in 1981 through 'Avatar Records'. The band during it's early years was made up of Mark Oseland on bass, Steve Atkins on drums, Bob Key and Dave Harrison on guitar and finally Rik Staines on vocals. Over their career the band have released a demo album in 1980, two singles and two full length studio albums between 1980 and 1987. 

After limited success the band broke up in 1985 while writing a second album. However in 1987 members Staines, Harrison and Key regrouped and finished the work they'd started on the album with the help of Dave Keates and Simon Atkins. The result was the album 'Real To Reel' which was released through FM Revolver in 1987. However the band decided to call it a day shortly after the release of this album and that was to be the end of the career of another NWOBHM metal band who perhaps never hit the form they were capable of. After the split up, all the members except singer Staines went on to form a Blues band called 'Poker Alice'. While Staines managed former Heavy Records band 'Marshall Law' for a short period of time in the late 1980's.