Cecilia Ray

Cecilia Ray

Cecelia ray

Cecilia Ray is a singer and songwriter from Sweden who in her career has worked within a number of genres of music including Jazz and Soul, with her soulful voice dubbing her the nickname “The Voice”. Before her music career truly lifted off, her journey in music began when she joined the ‘Adolf Fredrik School of Music’ in Stockholm. From there she began to immerse herself in Classical and Jazz, taking lessons and performing with a number of Jazz bands in particular. Impressed by her voice, a gospel singer from the American Church in Stockholm asked her to join the gospel group, and soon she began to sing in her group where Cecilia found her love of Soul.

Later that year she began meeting other like minded musicians and after awhile she started performing with these bands at Jazz clubs and private parties. During this time she also began to meet songwriters and fellow performers, who were after a new singer. Working closely with them, they began to write songs and as a result they were quickly gaining the attention of the labels. Cecilia was then spotted by scout and soon to be host of the popular Swedish talent show ‘Idol’ Peter Swartling, who is considered to be one of the most successful talent scouts and producers in Swedish music and is behind the breakthrough of Swedish artists like Robyn, Petter and Just D.

Shortly after Cecilia Ray released her first single ‘Love Gives Guarantee’ through ‘CNR Records’ in 1991. The single would go on to be a big hit in Sweden and was followed by the release of ‘Round n´ Round’ the same year. Two years later, in 1993, she signed to ‘Ariola Records’ which was a subsidiary of ‘BMG’, and her music would then be released through Scandinavia, Europe, and even Asia. Two more singles followed, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Move On’, which were released together with her debut album “Cecilia Ray” that same year. The album was received well in her home country however unfortunately she failed to break into foreign markets. As a result her second album ‘Make It On My Own’ was only released in Japan and again wasn’t a major commercial success.

However her music career was far from over, and since then she has gone on to become a successful vocal coach and has continued touring as a solo artist and with the gospel choir ‘OneVoice’, as well as releasing a few more singles in the mid 1990’s.