Fashion Junky

Carol Miles Fashion JunkyA piece of pure 80’s crossover dance, this maxi single has got pure rhythm and groove, bass lines and guitar lines that could fit into any late 80’s pop rock track and just a hint of club floorfiller about it. This track preaches to the 80’s sense of multi-national style, talk about hitting the catwalks of the most cosmopolitan of cities while the slight nods to “world music” give this a distinctly African feel. This may have been Carol Miles’ only single, but it proves to be a fantastic way to work it.

For fans of: Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, 2 Unlimited

Track Listing:

  1. Fashion Junky (Radio Mix)
  2. Fashion Junky (Club Mix)
  3. Fashion Junky (Jazz Mix)
  4. Fashion Junky (Dance Mix)

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