Aqua (1992)


Asia Aqua
WKFM180 1992

Already established as titans of the Prog Rock scene, Asia released Aqua in 1992 to great expectation. This album didn’t disappoint, as it further broadened Asia’s sound, really building on the classical nuances that they had been using in the previous efforts. This album has a lush, almost ethereal sound throughout, the soundscapes that surround the brilliantly constructed songs are nothing short of exceptional. This is a real treat.

For fans of: Magnum, Pink Floyd, Genesis

Track Listing:

  1. Aqua I
  2. Who Will Stop The Rain?
  3. Lay Down Your Arms
  4. Heaven On Earth
  5. Someday
  6. Crime Of The Heart
  7. A Far Cry
  8. Back In Town
  9. Don’t Call Me
  10. Love Under Fire
  11. The Voice Of Reason
  12. Aqua IIFM Revolver Logo