Let It Blow

Alvin Davis Let It Blow


For Alvin Davis, smooth jazz was a way of life. With Let It Blow, Davis combined his jazz with a downtempo style of dance music that compliments it perfectly. This album has a real groove, something that sets it apart from most downtempo dance music, meaning that this album works perfectly to create a mood around it. For those uninitiated in jazz or dance, this album is a perfect was into the genre.

For fans of: John Coltrane, Count Basie, Chet Baker

Track Listing:

  1. Radio Jazz
  2. Morning’s Dawn
  3. Let It Blow
  4. Sundowner
  5. Cry For Help
  6. Original Sin
  7. If Ya Wanna
  8. Hangin’ Out
  9. All My Love

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