Alvin Davis

Alvin Davis

Alvin Davis comes from Handsworth, Birmingham, UK, and has had a keen interest in music since he first started learning to play cornet at 13 years old. Moving onto the trumpet for his studies at the ESM (Euphonius School of Music), where he graduated with distinction, Alvin eventually settled on the alto saxophone as his instrument of choice, and this became the instrument he would be best known for. 

In his early career, Alvin made money from session playing, teaching and gigging all over the UK, in support of such acts as Andy Hamilton, Edwin Starr, Neville Staples (from The Specials and Fun Boy Three), Alton Ellis, Nigel Kennedy and David Hinds (from Steel Pulse, who also have connections with Bass Dance.) Davis released his debut album in 1992, titled Let It Blow, and described it as "an opportunity to bare my soul in the studio and fulfil my ambitions."

The album certainly opened doors for Davis: he reached a very impressive No 4 on the American R&R (New Adult Contemporary) chart, was a topic of conversation on US TV programme The Arsineo Hall Show, and could even count Prince as a fan, with the star talking on British TV about Davis being someone from the UK he had been listening to.

 His follow up, Let The Vibes Decide, sold over 10,000 copies pre-release in 1995, peaking at number 3 in the USA: an achievement for any musician, but certainly outstanding for one who refuses to detract from the style he loved to do something more commercial. Davis returned home to Handsworth for the inspiration for his third album, Take Flight, which was described as a suitable follow up to his first album, with Scootering remarking that "this carries on where 'Let It Blow' left off!"

Alvin is still active today, writing, releasing and playing music around the world.