Alistair Terry

Alistair Terry Yonge At Heart

Former vocalist of the band 'Silverwing', that would later become the Heavy Metal band and Heavy Metal Records' 'Pet Hate', recorded this solo album shortly after the break up of Pet Hate. Pet Hate were a British Heavy Metal band who released two albums in the 1980s, titled 'Bad Publicity' and 'The Bride Wore Red' through our sister label 'Heavy Metal Records'. 

The band when previously known as Silverwing released the album 'Alive and Kicking' in 1983 but shortly after changed their name to Pet Hate. Several of these band members would also later form the band 'Wild Ones' who would also sign to Heavy Metal Records and released one album in 1991 called 'Writing on the Wall'. Former frontman Alistair Terry went a different way however. After wanting to explore different areas of music he released the solo album 'Young At Heart'. The record sits much closer to Album Orientated Rock as opposed to Heavy Metal but sadly it did not reach the level of commercial success that it warranted and this was to be his one and only release as a solo artist.