Pure S.E.X.

Adam Bomb Pure S.E.X. Album

WKFM140 1990

Adam “Bomb” Brenner had been known to play in bands such as Black ‘N Blue and TKO before releasing his solo debut, Fatal Attraction, during the early days of the glam metal scene. This, his second effort, was pure sleaze rock from an incredibly talented musician. The guitar work from the outset is something else, with the lead work really adding to the hard hitting rhythm. Considered a glam metal write-off, Adam Bomb is still producing quality hard rock to this day, and this is a perfect record to get to know his work.

For fans of: Warrant, Mötley Crϋe, AC/DC

Track Listing:

  1. Pure S.E.X.
  2. Youth Will Lead The Way
  3. You Take Me Away
  4. High Or Low
  5. Dangerous When Lit
  6. Lost In Time
  7. You’ll Never Know
  8. Fallen Angel
  9. Know Your Rights
  10. What In The World

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