Metal Forces Magazine May 1990

Written By Kelv Hellrazer

“Adam Bomb is the bastard son of Marc Bolan with a hint of yer Tyler/Perry’s thrown in, whilst a smidgen of TKO is never a million miles away. I really thought Adam’s debut “Fatal Attraction” was gonna do things for him, but I guess it was released at a time when no-one was doing anything like this, and now it may be too late! The demos for this LP have been knocking around for ages and somebody should have picked it up before now.

Hitting off with “Dangerous When Lit,” a powerhouse rocker that covers the same ground as his debut. “Lost In Time,” sees a much more AOR-tinged Bomb complete with female background vocals to boot, a good choice for a single and with the right promotion- who knows?

“You Take Me Away,” is slightly reminiscent of Enuff Z’Nuff without the blatant Cheap Trick rip off whilst “High Or Low,” is Tigertailz meets TKO with a deadly infectious riff. “Pure Sex,” the title cut is the result of Adam hanging out with Sigue Sigue Sputnik cause they had a great image but couldn’t play a note. Indeed when Adam played the Marquee every song had a Sputnik riff of some sort in it.

On side two, the stand out cuts are the anthemic “Youth Will Lead The Way,” the ballad style of “You’ll Never Know” and the blasting LP closer “What In The World.”

Adam is currently under scrutiny from the UK press probably for the same reasn as Poison, Steevi Jaimz et al. Either your hair ain’t greasy enough, you’ve slagged off the Quireboys or you haven’t slept with/bought drinks for every member of the music press. I’m afraid that’s what it boils down to these days, but as far as I’m concerned it’s the songwriting talent of Mr. Bomb that completely wins the day. All he needs now is a killer producer and a killer band.”

Excellent 90


Metal Hammer Magazine April 23- May 6 1990

Written By The Technicolour Twins

“Squeak-etty squeak squeak! Peachy vodka ice cream and radioactive lipstick. Yup, just to please all you neon sluts, Adam Bomb is back in town. Undoubtedly the most beautiful of the “glitter-pop-metal” contingent (this guy makes folk like Davy Vain look like Cabbage Patch Kids), Ad-Babes has whipped up a bit of an album for his, at present, small but adoring fan club. And…and…it’s mmmm, yeah, it’s OK!

The New York based Adam was apparently discovered by David Krebs who used to manage Aerosmith and the partnership led to a deal with Geffen. He’s since re-signed with FM-Revolver and unleashed this, his second LP, on the unsuspecting public.

Side one opens with the title track, a blatant and unadulterated steal of Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s “Love Missile F1-11,” which we’re not at all sure he gets away with. However, with a sickly sweet ballad, “You Take Me Away,” and the typical catchy and sparkly rock ‘n roller “High Or Low”- positively the peak of the album- the piece is cleverly saved from being one of those items that just drifts by unnoticed like most of the burble currently around on this scene. It’s all commercial rocky poppy stuff in a Billy Idol sort of way except Ad doesn’t have an infamous sneer, he’s traded it, like all good tarts, for a pout Bardot would’ve been proud of. Side Two holds another couple of glittery gems, one being “Know Your Rights,” with a fair dose of seary corrosive guitar and another, “What In The World,” romps along at a rate of knots, more slices of manic axe ingenuity and hectic drum nonsense.

Mr. Bomb has serious high points but unfortunately the low ones are verging on gutter level, hence the three and a half star rating. With this album he’s proved himself versatile and carries off the commerciality just so. Something like a cheap hooker selling herself to the rock ‘n’ roll universe. If the majority of his material was as shiny as you hope it’s going to be then Adam would be bigger than Davy Vain’s list of conquests. Tragically it’s not and he’s not either. until he injects his music with more strength it’s not gonna change but if you’re curious enough to investigate we’re not here to stop you. Glitz is stamped all over it in big silver letters but somehow his feathers just need a little more ruffling.”

3 1/2*


Kerrang! Magazine March 1990

Written By Ray Zell

“Adam Bomb. He’s one of them geezers you’ve heard of but heard nothin’ by, right? Dunno why, but I always imagined the “New York-based glitter/pop/Metal man” (the handy-dandy biog description) to be come kinda one-man bargain-bin Aerosmith. Didn’t ex-Smither Jimmy “Rock In A Hard Place” Crespo once dabble with Mr. Bomb? At a guess I’d say the guitarist played on his ’85 debut “Fatal Attraction,” but to be sure I’d check that out with Metal mastermind Reynolds if I were you- he’ll probably give you Adam’s inside leg measurements to boot!

Yet not a whiff of ‘Smith in the rockers an’, for the most part, forgettable slowies. Well, maybe apart from “You Take Me Away,” which has more of a pleasant lingerin’ odour (oh no, not a “smelly” theme!). For my particular down ‘n’ dirty tastes there are too many glitzy “noises” an’ stuff (let’s not get too technical here!) that ponce it up when I reckon some nice raw geetar woulda done the business. Still, I s’pose these boys ‘ave gotta have fun in their studio…

To be fair, “Pure S.E.X.” isn’t a total stinkBomb (PUH-LEEZ!). There’s a cutesy-Metal appeal in evidence, most notably on my fave cut “Youth Will Lead The Way,” that has a fragrance remini-“scent” (geddit!) of pop/Metal maestros Cheap Trick combined with the bubblegum supremacy of Nick Gilder. An allurin’ dab of perfume attack of “Know Your Rights” (probably a stormer live) give the album some added weight…if only to balance up the pointless Sputnik-izin’ of the title track-ack-ack-ack.

Overall I quite like “Pure S.E.X.” (and who doesn’t?), but to paraphrase Tigertailz- it sure ain’t love, Bomb-baby.”



RAW Magazine April 18-May 1 1990

Written By Chris Marlowe

“Adam Bomb, as his name implies, is not a man afraid of cliches/ He’s got all the time-honoured favourites: whammy bars, phase shifters, chimes, walloping drums, hand claps, child choruses, harmonisers, you name it. It’s obviously a labour of love, albeit a very expensive one, because this excellent production job took too many skillful hours out of several people’s lives. There’s layers and layers of subtle and detailed things going on here without approaching gunk level. Any aspirants to the mixing desk should particularly commit this snare/kick sound to memory and give thanks to producers Phil Tennant and Neil O’Connor every time they steal it in the future.

What Bomb ends up with is an accessible, unchallenging album of familiar Rock riffs compiled with a Pop sensibility. For example, there’s a six-stringed salute to Mott The Hopple’s “All The Way To Memphis,” embedded in “Fallen Angel,” while “Lost In Time,” wouldn’t be out of place on the first Pat Benetar album, and anyone brave enough to admit how good Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s “Love Missile F1-11” sounded on the radio will recognise a kindred spirit in “Pure S.E.X.” There’s also unfortunately some soppy treacle (such as “You Take Me Away”) and a wincingly naive teen anthem (“Youth Will Lead The Way”), however. Admittedly this record won’t change the course of history, but overall it’s a well-crafted, lightweight good time.”