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Blackie & The Rodeo Kings Bark

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This, the 3rd effort from Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, continues their penchant for country rock that is just close enough to country to not upset the purists, but mainstream enough to cross the divide. The traditional elements are here, musically and vocally, from the ballads to the more upbeat numbers. This album is a wonderful crossover record, and is certainly a record that is essential to any collection.

For fans of: Johnny Cash, Zac Brown Band, Conway Twitty

Track Listing:

  1. Swinging From The Chains Of Love
  2. If I Catch You Cryin’
  3. Water Or Gasoline
  4. Stoned
  5. Lock All The Doors
  6. Had Enough Of You Today
  7. Born To Be A Traveler
  8. Jackie Washington
  9. Heaven Knows Your Name
  10. Song On The Radio
  11. You’re So Easy To Love
  12. Willie’s Diamond Joe
  13. Tie Me To The Crossroads
  14. House Of Sin