Alvin Davis | Take Flight

Take Flight

Alvin Davis Take Flight


This album was Davis’ third record, and continued the trend of crossover jazz that he had built up over his previous 2 records. This album is another perfectly created piece of jazz dance, with a groove underpinning the entire record that keeps you out of your seat and moving. Davis is a forerunner in this genre, and it stands to reason that this is the best you can get.

For fans of: John Coltrane, Chet Baker, Count Basie

Track Listing:

  1. Take Flight
  2. Time Out
  3. Summer (The First Time)
  4. Freetown Moonlight
  5. Keep It Quick
  6. Natural High
  7. Round The Clock
  8. Music Of Love
  9. Stay
  10. Turn The Music Up
  11. Chill 4 A While

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