Silver Mountain | Breakin’ Chains

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After just over a decade out of the loop, Silver Mountain returned in 2003 with this, their 4th studio record. This is an album that shows that talent never leaves, and it’s testament to the quality of Silver Mountain. This is pure heavy metal, the guitar work is frantic and insanely good while the vocals are powerful and almost operatic. An album after such a break usually falls flat while the band find their feet again. This album is the exception to that rule.

For fans of: Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sanctuary

Track Listing:

  1. Prophet Of Doom
  2. Before The Storm
  3. Felo De Se
  4. Man Of No Present Existence
  5. Scarlet Pimpernel
  6. Maniac
  7. Axeman And The Virgin
  8. Breakin’ Chains
  9. Rider Of The Night
  10. S.W.A.S.T.
  11. The Butterfly
  12. Dance Around The Fire
  13. Millattack