City Of God | A New Spiritual Mountain

City Of God A New Spiritual Mountain  DIGITAL REQUIEM RECORDS

With former members of Xentrix, Hellfighter and Paradise Lost in their ranks, City Of God were always going to be a heavy band. This album is a brutal assault on the senses, but one that keeps on pushing the boundaries of metal. This album delivers what you would expect, pummelling riffs, well executed vocals and even some aural soundscapes that add to the overall mood. This may have been their only record, but as metal supergroups go, this is by far the best.

For fans of: Xentrix, Hellfighter, Paradise Lost

Track Listing:

  1. When Broken Glass Floats
  2. God Kills America
  3. Epiphany
  4. New Spiritual Mountain
  5. Prisms
  6. Requiem
  7. Embrace
  8. Human Race
  9. Vatican Assassin
  10. Stigmate
  11. House Of Cards
  12. Hiding In The Lights