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A year after Elevator Suite released their self titled album, the album that would be their last, they had sanctioned this remix record. A collection of tracks spanning their criminally short career, this album slotted right into the expanding indie new rave scene that was exploding, with this record serving as a demonstration in how to cross genres. While none of the people responsible for the remixes are household names, their skill is measured here in real terms, an album with high quality remixes of high quality songs. A great crossover record.

For fans of: The Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Doves

Track Listing:

  1. Time After Time (Aquasky Remix)
  2. Time After Time (Joyski Remix)
  3. The Wheel (Alex Metric Remix)
  4. The Wheel (Crazy P Remix)
  5. Local DJ (Childs & Moore Remix)
  6. How Does It Feel? (Nigel Of Bermondsey Remix)
  7. The Wheel (Long Range Remix)
  8. The Wheel (Michael Morph Remix)
  9. Time After Time (Melophonic Remix)
  10. Time After Time (Mawglee Remix)
  11. Local DJ (Robot Club Remix)
  12. I Feel Music (Original Bonus Track)
  13. Blue Lights (Original Bonus Track)