PMRA-005: Heavy Deviance- A Slow Walk Down The Stairs

Heavy Deviance A Slow Walk Down The Stairs  Pure Mint Logo

A Slow Walk Down The Stairs is the only record by Heavy Deviance, and it is electronica at it’s finest. This record works with a range of samples and instrumentation to create a lush texture for each track, with some vocal guest appearances to really give each track a push into different territory. A Slow Walk Down The Stairs flows beautifully, moving up and down the gears throughout, meaning that this record never sits still. A wonderful electronica record for sure.

For fans of: Fat Boy Slim, Goldfrapp, Ladyhawke

Track Listing:

  1. Eastern Lights
  2. Day To Day
  3. My Hands Are Tied
  4. Safe + Warm
  5. Make Me Feel It
  6. Room To Manoeuvre
  7. Paper Lovers
  8. Sweet ‘N’ Juicy
  9. Notts Plaza