Southside Johnny With La Bambas Big Band | Grapefruit Moon: The Songs Of Tom Waits

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A big band covers record is a rare beast, but this album from Southside Johnny & The La Bambas Big Band is just one of those rare beasts. Covering the great Tom Waits in this style brings a whole new life to the songs, making them the kind of songs to get up and dance to. Waits himself even guests on these tracks, such is the infectious energy that they create in this style. This is a wonderful covers record.

For fans of: Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong & His Band, Duke Ellington

Track Listing:

  1. Yesterday Is Here
  2. Down, Down, Down
  3. Walk Away,
  4. Please Call Me, Baby
  5. Grapefruit Moon
  6. All The Time In The World
  7. Tango Til They’re Sore
  8. Johnsburg, Illinois
  9. New Coat Of Paint
  10. Shiver Me Timbers
  11. Dead And Lovely
  12. Temptation