Stephen Pearcy | Under My Skin

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With a career that has taken in solo work alongside the like of Ratt, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Stephen Pearcy had passed his prime. Not so on the evidence of this record, an album with swagger and verve that belies not only his years in the business, but also his relative anonymity, being from one of the bands that never quite hit the same heights as their peers. This album is a straight up rock record, a truly great one at that.

For fans of: Guns ‘N Roses, Blaze Bayley, Judas Priest

Track Listing:

  1. You’re A lot Like Me
  2. Big Nothin’
  3. Watcha Doin’
  4. Time Slips Away
  5. Under My Skin
  6. In Outta Love
  7. Here We Go Again
  8. Bottoms Up
  9. Are You Ready?
  10. Injector
  11. Round And Round (Featuring The Donnas)