The Defectors | Baby Gimme Love

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The second album from The Defectors, Baby Gimme Love is a thunderous garage rock record that picks up from where the first left off. An album with a real high tempo, it is furious in it’s pursuit of the true garage rock sound. The retro stylings that are present throughout add a real character to this record, and move it from garage rock wannabe to a real high quality record. A true garage rock great.

For fans of: The Cramps, The White Stripes, The Hives

Track Listing:

  1. Baby Gimme Love
  2. You’re So Sad
  3. I Live To See (Your Face Again)
  4. Darlin’
  5. C’mon! C’mon!
  6. I Want You
  7. El Toro Mutante
  8. (I Can’t Do) Another Mistake
  9. Oh No!
  10. Go Go Slow
  11. U.C.
  12. You Belong To Me
  13. Say You’re Mine