Burn The 8 Track | Fear Of Falling Skies

Burn The 8 Track Fear Of Falling Skies  Curve Logo

This, the second album from burnthe8track, is a brilliant punk/nu metal record that sparks a world of possibility for the band. This album is full of technical flourishes, raw emotion and passion that comes across within seconds of each and every track. There’s a lot to admire here, this is a band unrestrained by outside influence, they have put together something brilliant that deserves more recognition than it has garnered.

For fans of: Billy Talent, Funeral For A Friend, Thursday

Track Listing:

  1. The Great Divide
  2. Prototype
  3. Intelligence Lost
  4. San Sebastian
  5. Fear Of Falling Skies
  6. Worn And Wearing Thin
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Bar Charts And Diagrams
  9. While The Suburbs Sleep
  10. The Waterfall
  11. The Faint At Heart
  12. 1949