Various Artists | N.W.O.B.H.M. Metal Rarities Volume 3

VA NWOBHM Metal Rarities Vol 3  British Steel Logo

A collection of rarities from the greatest era of metal, this album digs deep into the archives to pull out some of the hidden gems of the N.W.O.B.H.M. This record captures the essence and feel of the scene of the time, it’s high tempo and it’s high volume really shines through this record. This is an essential record for those looking to add some rarities to their collection.

For fans of: Girlschool, Soldier, Twisted Ace

Track Listing:

  1. Girlschool: Take It All Away
  2. Girlschool: It Could Be Better
  3. Twisted Ace: I Won’t Surrender
  4. Twisted Ace: Firebird
  5. Soldier: Sheralee
  6. Soldier: Force
  7. Jaguar: Back Street Woman
  8. Jaguar: Chasing The Dragon
  9. Denigh: No Way
  10. Denigh: Running
  11. Static: Voice On The Line
  12. Static: Stealin’
  13. Seventh Son: Metal To The Moon
  14. Seventh Son: Sound And Fury
  15. White Lightning: The Poison Fountain
  16. White Lightning: Hypocrite
  17. Dragonslayer: I Want Your Life
  18. Dragonslayer: Satan Is Free
  19. Dragonslayer: Broken Hearts