Various Artists | Butt Naked And Up For It

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A collection of deep house and trance, Butt Naked And Up For It is an album that takes the best the underground house and trance scenes have to offer. From the start, this record creates a beat that just will not stop, and one that carries you through to the very end. This is an album that will see fans of the scenes revel in the choices, and newbies to it get an impressive introduction.

For fans of: Perception, Fallen Angel, Matrix22

Track Listing:

  1. Perception: Diverse
  2. Terrance & Phillip: We Make The Bass
  3. DJ Mishka: Trance Out To Oblivion (Mad Gay Mafia Mix)
  4. Sol Ray: You Know, I Know, We Know
  5. Equinox: Condemned
  6. Disco Bros: Generation (Shake’N’Vac Mix)
  7. The Captain & Rubec: Much 2 Bright
  8. Fallen Angel: I See You In My Dreams
  9. Matrix22: It’s All In My Head
  10. Dynamic Intervention: Kick It To My Brain
  11. Weirdo: Got 2 B Funky
  12. Orange Peel ‘N’ Keef: Beat The System
  13. Rave Dust: Can You Feel It
  14. Double Six: Real Good (Zen Terrorists Remix)