The Outpatience | Anxious Disease

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When an album features most of the original members of G’N’R, you know pretty much what to expect. Coming only a couple of years after the dissolution of the original line-up G’N’R, this album could count as an extension to the catalogue, in a tenuous way! A wonderful mix of hard rock belters and ballads make this album a genuine collectors piece for rock fans, and it’s post-grunge stylings hint at what was to come at the turn of the century.

For fans of: Guns ‘N Roses, Nickelback, Alter Bridge

Track listing:

  1. Inbred
  2. Wound Up In A Vega
  3. Dragon In The Flames
  4. Cold Duck
  5. Heart Again
  6. Anxious Disease
  7. Walk On By
  8. Smokin’ Dope And Sippin’ Tea
  9. L-O-V-E
  10. Black Eye
  11. All The World Is Asleep
  12. Purchase My Freedom
  13. I.F.H.