Apache Indian & Desmond Dekker | The Israelites

Apache Indian & Desmond Dekker The Isralites  API Logo

The lead off single from Time For Change, this updated version of the classic reggae track The Israelites shows Apache Indian enjoying his trade. While not only a reggae standard, Apache Indian brings in techniques that he mastered on his other records, his own bhangramuffin style present in the sampling techniques. The single also includes a full blown bhangra cover of the song, which adds a new dimension to it. This one single is enough to show a varied and successful career.

For fans of: Bob Marley & The Wailers, Shaggy, Desmond Dekker

Track Listing:

  1. The Israelites (Radio Edit-API/Subs Mix)
  2. The Israelites (Bashment Mix)
  3. The Israelites (Dance Mix-Paul Fire)
  4. The Israelites (Old Skool-R&R Mix)