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A reissue of the eponymous debut album from The Neville Brothers, this record is a funk/soul classic. The album has a groove that underpins all of the tracks here, even the slow ballads, that keeps the album ticking over with an infectious energy. This is a band that were frontrunners in the funk/soul genre, and this album was a statement of intent. A classic debut record.

For fans of: James Brown, Sly And The Family Stone, George Clinton

Track Listing:

  1. Dancin’ Jones
  2. Washable Ink
  3. All Nights, All Right
  4. Audience For My Pain
  5. Break Away
  6. If It Takes All Night
  7. I’ll Take My Chances
  8. Vieux Carre Rouge
  9. Arianne
  10. Speed Of Light