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A modern gospel record, the one and only record from Nu-Life takes the traditional gospel themes and brings them into the modern era with a more R&B based musical direction than is usually found in this genre. The vocal harmonies are outstanding, the pop sensibility shines through this record. This trio of singers are all fantastic performers, and are in the same category as other famous girl bands. This is an album that could be considered a modern R&B classic.

For fans of: Destiny’s Child, Girls Aloud, Alicia Keys

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. I Don’t Know Why
  3. 24/7
  4. Now That I’ve Found You
  5. Natural High
  6. Everyone Will Know
  7. A Woman Like Me
  8. All Of My Praise
  9. Whole
  10. Teach Me
  11. Two Minute Rant
  12. Speak Father
  13. At Last
  14. Everyone Will Know (Reprise)
  15. Take My Eyes Off You
  16. Would You
  17. Live For Christ