Hostile Omish | One Horse Power

Hostile Omish One Horse Power DEAD EEGUANA RECORDS

One Horse Power is the album that saw Hostile Omish break into the American college rock scene in a big way. This wasn’t the first Hostile Omish record by any means, but this is where their brand of “barncore,” came to the public consciousness. This is a wonderfully frantic and pacey record, with a brilliant DIY feel that doesn’t detract from the overall record. This is the entry point for Hostile Omish for the newbie, and it is perfect.

For fans of: Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Butthole Surfers

Track Listing:

  1. Let’s Build A Lean-To
  2. Fuel Injected Love Shammy
  3. Keystone Kops
  4. Vagitarian (Lesbian Love Song)
  5. Piss Off
  6. Hey Mom
  7. Don’t Keep Me Waiting
  8. The Buzz
  9. Slacker
  10. Beetle Juice/Ethiopian Feast
  11. Bedford High School Marching Band
  12. We Throw Poop
  13. One Big Knob
  14. Eat Boot Wanker
  15. Epileptic Ice Cream Man
  16. A Good Boy In A Grape