Mark Knopfler | The Princess Bride OST

Mark Knopfler The Princess Bride

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Mark Knopfler, perhaps best known for his stint in Dire Straits, turns composer on this soundtrack to The Princess Bride, the 1987 movie adaptation of the William Goldman novel. This soundtrack is in keeping with the theme of the film, and it’s almost ambient feel mean that this record does not overtake the imagery it works alongside. Knopfler here uses all of his skills and talents as a composer to create a magical soundtrack.

For fans of: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone

Track Listing:

  1. Once Upon A Time…Storybook Love
  2. I Will Never Love Again
  3. Florin Dance
  4. Morning Ride
  5. The Friend’s Song
  6. The Cliffs Of Insanity
  7. The Swordfight
  8. Guide My Sword
  9. The Fireswamp And The Rodents Of Unusual Size
  10. Revenge
  11. A Happy Ending
  12. Storybook Love (Featuring Willy DeVille)