Various Artists | Best Of Hip-Hop & Reggae Remixes Volume 2

VA Best Of Hip Hop & Reggae Remixes Vol 2  Lightyear Logo

This album does exactly what it says on the tin, this shows off the best of the best of reggae and hip-hop remixes. With a line-up consisting of the cream of the crop in the scene, from DJ’s to songwriters, this album keeps the tempo high and the dance hits coming. For someone new to the genre, this is a perfect way to start.

For fans of: Tony Rebel, Junior Cat, Sizzla

Track Listing:

  1. Mykal Rose: Stay Alive (Remix)
  2. Tony Rebel: Dream (Remix)
  3. Bunny General: They Call Them Shim
  4. Pinchers: Like That
  5. Junior Cat: Keep Track
  6. Yami Bolo: No Vampire (Remix)
  7. Honorebel: Material Girl (Remix)
  8. Luciano: Feed The People (Remix)
  9. Mad Cobra: Press The Button
  10. Vegas: Can’t Mix Them Up
  11. Beenie Man: All The Gal Dem
  12. Sizzla: Frontline