Mônica Salmaso | Voadeira


A follow up to her record Trampolim, Voadeira is Salmaso’s third album. While sticking to the traditional Brazilian music, here we see Salmaso bringing a darker edge to some of her work, really exploring what can be done with her traditional instrumentation. This album also has a classical edge that was hinted upon on Trampolim, which adds another layer to her already impressive style. A wonderful record, Salmaso is the best there is at this.

For fans of: Paulo Bellinati, Guinga, Renato Braz

Track Listing:

  1. Dancape
  2. O Vento
  3. Valsinha
  4. Canto Em Qualquer Canto
  5. Silenciosa
  6. Beradero
  7. A Violiera
  8. Senhorina
  9. Cara De Indio
  10. Juparana
  11. Neguinho Do Pastoreio
  12. Mina Palhoca
  13. Ilu-Aye (Terra Da Vida)
  14. Ave Maria No Morro
  15. Canario Do Reino