Blair | Make Me Careful

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Make Me Careful is a soulful contemporary Christian album that also brings in elements of R&B to make something musically fresh and contemporary. This is an album that attempts to limit the preaching, while ensuring that the music can stand up to the contemporary pop scene. This album is testament to the strength of Blair and his songwriting team that is still sounds fresh today, and also manages to avoid over preaching.

For fans of: Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, T.L.C.

Track Listing:

  1. Running
  2. A World
  3. Make Me Careful
  4. God’s Got It
  5. In His Presence
  6. Jesus Paid It All
  7. Keep On Loving Me
  8. Manner Of Man
  9. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  10. It’s Not Over
  11. A Love
  12. Psalms One
  13. Highest Praise
  14. In His Presence (Reprise)