Garageland | Do What You Want

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This was Garageland’s second album, and it continued their trend of creating infectious indie pop that could burrow it’s way into your mind. This is an album that is the perfect cure for a bad day, the songs here are all wonderfully upbeat. While Garageland never reached the heights that some of their contemporaries did a few years later, this album proves it was just a little ahead of it’s time. A truly great indie pop record.

For fans of: Ok Go, We Are Scientists, New Radicals

Track Listing:

  1. Love Song
  2. Trashcans
  3. You Will Never Cry Again
  4. Not Empty
  5. Kiss It All Goodbye
  6. Good Luck
  7. What You Gonna Do?
  8. Get Even
  9. Good Morning
  10. Burning Bridges
  11. Jean
  12. Middle Of The Evening
  13. End Of The Night