Various Artists | Mother Goose Rocks Volume 3

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The third of the Mother Goose collections continues the wonderful themes that made the first 2 such surprising entities. Once again, the combination of rock, pop and R&B stylings means that there’s a wide range of music here to keep the kids entertained, and to keep the grown-ups guessing as to what they will experience next.

For fans of: Lou Bega, allSTARS, Madonna.

Track Listing:

  1. Hokey Pokey: Datana

2. Shoo Fly/Skip To My Lou: Serene Begone

3. Old MacDonald: Honey Way

4. Bingo: BLT

5. Where is Thumpkin?: When

6. This Old Man: Buffy Fears

7. Little Bunny Foo Foo: Jim McDrawl

8. One, Two Buckle My Shoe: Ryan Right

9. The Wheels On The Bus: Mad Donna

10. Alphabet Song: Ruta Bega

11. Itsy Bitsy Spider: Hope Mountain

12. I’m A Little Teapot: Hark Hammy

13. If You’re Happy And You Know It: Wink123