Various Artists | Mother Goose Rocks Volume 2

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The second in the series, this collection creates another world of covers for the kids, while still keeping the adults occupied with the vast array of musical styles on show. Once again, all corners of popular music are copied, while the subject matter turns to the youthful exuberance of the best known lullabies. If this doesn’t bring a misty, nostalgic memory to mind, we don’t know what will!

For fans of: Ben Folds, Pixies, Cher

Track Listing:

  1. Wolfy Martini- The Three Pigs
  2. Share, The Diva- Old Woman In A Shoe
  3. Punch Nose- Old Mother Hubbard
  4. Serene Begone & Van Bambino- The Lullaby (Rock-A-Bye Baby)
  5. Pixie Picks- Old King Cole
  6. 98 Sync Street- Georgie Porgie
  7. Aunt Hill- Simple Simon
  8. Ohmya Twang- Three Blind Mice
  9. Fully Clothed Men- Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
  10. Buffy Fears- Ring Around The Rosie
  11. Ben Folds Laundry- Three Little Kittens
  12. Lilith McMerchant- Little Boy Blue
  13. Cherry Seltzer Revue- Hickory Dickory Dock