Candi Staton | Here’s A Blessing

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After a 30 year career, this semi live compilation record from Candi Staton shows Staton in her full flow, belting out her soulful gospel songs with great vigour and emotion. This album has an uplifting quality to it, wrapping you up in it’s energy and emotion within minutes of the first track kicking in. Staton certainly has a powerful voice, and it comes across unrestrained here. This album is a pure gospel record.

For fans of: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Al Green

Track Listing:

  1. Shut Up And Start Praying
  2. What Would Jesus Do?
  3. Each Time I Turn The Page
  4. Come Ye Disconsolate
  5. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  6. My Faith Looks Up To Thee
  7. Savior More
  8. Have Thine Own Way
  9. God Will Take Care Of You
  10. God Leads His Children Along
  11. Mama Testimony
  12. Mama
  13. Your Face Is The First Face I Want To See
  14. Love Yourself
  15. Shut Up And Start Praying (Solo)