P.M.T. | Acupuncture For The Soul


In the world of industrial metal, being able to create the kind of pummelling, brutal music that the originators of metal did is only half the battle. Being able to bring in a new element of electronica is the key to making a great industrial record. Acupuncture For The Soul does just that, a brilliantly balanced record that just adds to the canon of industrial metal. This is an album that makes itself essential to any collection with it’s sublime construction.

For fans of: Orgy, KoRn, Rammstein

Track Listing:

  1. Compost (Flavour Saviour Mix)
  2. Anti-Gravity Device
  3. Compost
  4. Taste In Camouflage
  5. Sillykonne
  6. Thumbsucking
  7. Rascal Sarabande
  8. Cute & Fluffy
  9. Frigo
  10. Peace Tank Peekaboom
  11. Tous En Orbite
  12. Silence Until Track 68
  13. Lovely Pain