Stone Roses

Written by Billy Smith

“THIS is where my life started”, declares Mad Pete from beneath a Johnny Thunders mop-top. “Consider the pre-Roses part of my existence as irrelevant. It just doesn’t compare with what’s happening now.”

Pete is a bass player with crack Manchester outfit “The Stone Roses”, and he’s currently sitting on top of the world. Behind him lie two years’ hard labour in pursuit of the perfect pop song, and he knows now the journey is nearly over.

“None of us has ever considered this band a hobby” continues guitarist John. “We’d decide upon a location early in the week, stick a load of posters up around the town advertising our appearance, and then there’d be a thousand plus people turn up on the night. That’s really where we learned our craft as a live band.

“There was one night, for example, when we were playing under Piccadilly Railway Station, and the police were outside, threatening to break up the party. To be honest, the situation got a little crazy because they miscalculated as to how everyone would react.We went on stage just as the tension was about to explode and managed to defuse the bomb with our set, but it was touch and go for a while. Unfortunately, that marked the end of the warehouse scene in Manchester.”

The Stone Roses immediately graduated onto the city’s club circuit, selling out every venue around, the “House Full” notices going up well before nine.

“Yeah, we’ve got a massive following around this city,” enthuses Reni, the drummer. “But we’re not very well known elsewhere. It’s only recently that we’ve decided to widen our horizons a little. We’ve paced it perfectly. Our first single, ‘Sally Cinnamon’ is about to be released, and, after that, we’ll start talking to all the majors who have been sniffing around.”

Talking to majors? What of Manchestas’ grand “indie rock” tradition? The Smiths, The Fall, New Order…
“Oh, sod that,” says Ian. “They’re all a generation older than us, and those days have gone anyway. If you want to talk about tradition, did you know we’re the best band since The Hollies to broadcast a live performance from a certain local radio station?”