Life Goes On (2005)

Life Goes On 

The OneThree Life Goes On

REV1313 2005

Life Goes On is the only record that The OneThree released, but it’s credentials are pretty special. Not only does it include guitar work from Morrissey’s Boz Boorer, it was one of the earliest modern crossover records, at a time when the rock/hip-hop crossover was only an underground phenomenon. This record has a wonderful sense of claustrophobia to it, the music seems to wrap around you while the Cockney delivery of the vocals give it a sense of reality. This album is a fantastic crossover album.

For fans of: Graham Coxon, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys

Track Listing:

  1. Dive In
  2. Another Early Night
  3. Stay Strong
  4. You Could Have Had Me
  5. Keep Believing
  6. Edge Of The World
  7. Your Perfect Lie
  8. Junior Disprin
  9. The Second Hundred Years
  10. Sorry Jo
  11. Scatter
  12. Wisely Foolish
  13. Coming Back

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