She Walks Alone With Me (1994)

She Walks Alone With Me

The Miscellaneous She Walks Alone With Me

REV200 (1994)

The debut album from The Miscellaneous was a record that not only drew from the substantial Britpop around it, but also infused elements of grunge and college rock to create a refreshing sound. This record could be misconstrued as a bit schizophrenic, but that adds to it’s appeal. While most bands were content to follow the crowd, The Miscellaneous did things differently, and that makes this a fantastic debut album.

For fans of: Suede, New Order, The Cure

Track Listing:

  1. Secret

  2. Adore
  3. Need
  4. Black Lips Saturday
  5. I’ll Hold You In Heaven
  6. Engraved
  7. Neutral
  8. Flowers (We Still Are)
  9. Second Trip Tonight
  10. Release
  11. Reveal The Knowing Answer (Poem)black logo