Dancing In The Dragon’s Jaws (1979)

Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws

Bruce Cockburn Dancing In The Dragon's JawsREV127


A somewhat folksier affair than some of Cockburn’s other efforts, Dancing In The Dragon’s Jaws shows Cockburn’s softer side. Expect acoustic guitars to outplay their electric counterparts on this effort, with the overall feel warmer and less combative than his other work. That’s not to say that Cockburn isn’t still as politically charged as ever. With this effort he continues to rally against the wrongs of the world, just this time, he’s staging a more peaceful protest. A perfect album for a relaxing summer’s evening.

For fans of: Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Frank Turner

Track Listing:Revolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)

  1. Creation Dream
  2. Hills Of Morning
  3. Badlands Flashback
  4. Northern Lights
  5. After The Rain
  6. Wondering Where The Lions Are
  7. Incandescent Blue
  8. No Footprints