Looking Back UK to release music featured in an award-winning film

South Staffordshire band, Looking Back UK, have released the album “Can Anybody Hear Me?”. The title track is featured in the new film “How to Build a Girl” and will be released on Revolver Records from the 10th of January 2020.

“How to Build a Girl”, based upon a screenplay written by Caitlin Moran, the film has won ‘The Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics’ (FIPRESCI Prize) at The Toronto International Film Festival in 2019. The film has received many positive reviews from critics, stating “Some pure Caitlin Moran gold is to be had in this very funny and sometimes inspiring coming-of-age comedy” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

With links to the midlands aplenty in the film, it only made sense that some of the music would feature artists of the area. Looking Back UK, comprised of the members; Derek Ridgway, Darron Hickey, Ian Nichols, Henry Bradley and Peter Hoggins, have been an active band since 2012 and have played in venues all over the UK. On getting the track into the film, Derek explained how it was all by chance encounters and knowing the right people. “Gareth Scales, who is now one of the top film editors around contacted me about our music. The film company needed an original song for the film ideally by a Wolverhampton band and did we have anything suitable. I contacted my song writing partner, Darron, and we sent all we had over to the film’s musical producer. For months we heard nothing then quite out of the blue we were contacted and asked if they could use our song “Can Anybody Hear Me”. We were over the moon and that finally after over 30 years of writing songs and being on the road we were to get some recognition for our work.”

The album is to be Released by Revolver Records, based in the midlands, on the 10th of January 2020 and can be found on all major streaming services.

Revolver’s ‘Anthony Wilson Prize’ won by University of Wolverhampton Student

Revolver’s ‘Anthony Wilson Prize’ won by University of Wolverhampton Student

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A University of Wolverhampton graduate has been awarded a prize which is designed to encourage students to study arts in the midlands.
Keira Carter, 20 from Birmingham, studied for a Popular Music degree at the School of Performing Arts based at the Walsall Campus.
She was awarded a certificate and a cheque for £250 by Revolver Music who have committed to supporting graduates over the next five years.
The annual award, “The Anthony Wilson Prize for Excellence in Popular Music, Sponsored by Revolver Music”, will be presented to one graduate per year over the next five years for excelling in their music studies.
Revolver Music is an international, independent music label with a base in Wolverhampton that has signed The Stone Roses, Jaynes Addiction, Magnum and hundreds of other artists across North America and Europe.
Paul Birch, director of Revolver Music, said: “Anthony Wilson was the owner of Factory Records in Manchester and also the Hacienda nightclub. He signed Joy Division, New Order, James and the Happy Mondays – he was also a continuity announcer and a newsreader on Granada TV.
“He sadly passed away ten years ago after battling with cancer and this annual prize is designed to keep his name alive. His flair, can-do attitude and determination singled him out as a unique and stoic entrepreneur. He went from famous to legend when Steve Coogan played him in the film, 24 Hour Party People, which documented the iconic Manchester label and nightclub that he founded.
“We hope that a prize award in his name will inspire music students for generations to come.”
Keira hit the right note last year when she released her first single on Spotify and iTunes after responding to a brief to compose a song suitable to celebrate the graduating class of 2018 Performing Arts students. Her composition, ‘You Light Me Up’ was played at all the University graduation ceremonies.
Keira said: “I am very grateful to be honoured this prize which will benefit my professional status in the music industry. I have many aspirations and goals set out for my music career including working with videographers to shoot a music video for the Graduation Song of 2018 “You Light Me Up” with the help of local creatives.
“I am looking forward to my future now that I have collected the skills I needed in order for me to progress and appreciate all the help from people I have met along the way to make this journey possible.”
For anyone who already has their results, applications can now be made through the Clearing website, calling the HOTLINE on 01902 518585 or contacting us through our Social Media channels on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Anyone interested in studying at the School of Performing Arts should register for the next Open Day on Saturday 12th October 2019.

Heavy Metal Records Signing Announcement: N.A.S.H.

Heavy Metal Records Signing Announcement: N.A.S.H.


The label that brought you albums by Witchfinder General, Amebix, Scorpions and Diamond Head, together with the management group responsible for Suffocation, Origin and Cattle Decapitation, are very proud to announce their collaboration on the release of Incredible Villains, the sophomore album by N.A.S.H.


"N.a.s.H. has a strong sense of community and a desire for connection with its fan base. Now that we have partnered with Heavy Metal Records, a record label with both an impressive roster and focus on developing their artists, our band’s music and ideals stand ready to make an impact on the music world. With the Heavy Metal logo on our forthcoming album, our music will reach ears in places we would never have imagined. Nothing can stop us now!" - N.A.S.H

Following on from their independently released debut Regain the Highground, N.A.S.H. are taking their gritty blues rock sound to new heights, with Incredible Villains boasting some of the catchiest choruses in modern rock music. From humble beginnings that saw the three Nash brothers jamming in their basement through the addition of a fourth member and eventually support slots with such artists as Doyle of Misfits fame, there has been no more exciting time to jump on the N.A.S.H. bandwagon!


Watch N.A.S.H.’s live performance of “October” here: https://youtu.be/UkLUCE1iKMc


Check out the debut album Regain the Highground here: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1213103891?ls=1&app=itunes


Follow N.A.S.H. on Facebook for more info, links to their debut album and updates for the upcoming release of Incredible Villains. Click here for more: www.facebook.com/Nashvoice


N.A.S.H. is:

Bryan Nash – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Dylan Johnson – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Joe Nash – Bass & Backing Vocals

James Nash – Drums & Crazy


While you’re all off enjoying the Euros (the division between England and Wales in the office is reaching fever pitch!), we’re going to make this all a little slicker and a little easier to navigate. We should also be able to bring in more things for you to look at, like Instagram, Youtube and some new and improved store links. Bear with it, it’ll be worth it in the end!

Aaaaaannnnndddd….It’s Here!

Today is the day, Pete Kent’s fantastic new album “The Hidden Hand,” is released! It’s a wonderful record and quite a few of you have already bought the album! Didn’t pre-order? Never fear! We still have a few special ones left over, so you can email us at sales@revolver.coop OR call us on 01902 345 345 to order the new album at £10. You can also still bundle it with “The Sands Of Time,” for £15 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

As for other new releases, we’re working on them as we speak. A few may be revealed very very soon…

Pete Kent- The Hidden Hand PRE-ORDER INFO

We’ve been teasing you a little with the news of Pete Kent’s second album, and we can now officially reveal the artwork, track listing and how to get your hands on it! Big thanks to Helen Dale for the fantastic artwork that you’ll see below. But, we know all you want to know is how to pre-order it!

There are 2 versions you can pre-order. You can either pre-order “The Hidden Hand,” and his debut album “The Sands Of Time,” as a double package for £15, or you can pre-order just “The Hidden Hand,” for £10.

To pre-order, all you have to do is email us at sales@revolver.coop  and tell us your name, which version you’d like to order, your address and a contact phone number. We’ll call you in the week before the release to process payment and we’ll ship it straight out in time for release! The first 1000 albums will be pressed on a vinyl style CD, so you’ll have a special limited version before they revert to standard discs.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get hold of your copy before they disappear!

The Hidden Hand Front


  1. Icon (Kent)
  2. Everytime I See Your Face (Kent)
  3. The Hidden Hand (Kent)
  4. Summer Daze (Kent)
  5. Hot Water (King, Lindup, Badarou, Gould)
  6. When The Lights Go Down (Kent)
  7. Everywhere (McVie)
  8. The Devil’s Chair (Kent)
  9. Skyline (Kent)
  10. The Way It Is (Hornsby)
  11. One Trick Pony (Kent)

Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, Canwell.

Released by Revolver Records © & ℗ 2016 Revolver Records REVXD280

Artwork by Helen Dale

Photography by Helen Lloyd & Scott Dale



Here at Revolver Records, we’re always working hard to bring you some of the best and most exciting new music. A few years ago, an incredible finger style guitarist by the name of Pete Kent released his debut album, ‘The Sands Of Time,” with us and showed the world that it’s not just the metal scene that can produce incredibly dextrous and talented guitarists. Now, he’s back with his new record “The Hidden Hand,” which we can exclusively reveal will be released….


We’re working on some special pre-order deals at the moment, so keep your eyes out for that, but right now, we can tell you that this record will be the soundtrack to your summer. We’re not going to give too much away just yet, but when we have finalised everything, you’ll hear it here first.

Be ready to be mesmerised by The Hidden Hand.

More Ways To Connect

Oh, hi there. How are you on this fine winter’s day? Good to hear it! Here at Revolver, we’re gearing up for a pretty busy year, and we’re slowly but surely giving you a ton of new ways to interact with us. You’ve seen on the right our Twitter feeds are live and being used as much as possible. Well, now we have our Facebook pages up and running again! You can either click on www.facebook.com/revrecs and www.facebook.com/heavymetalrecords or follow the widget links on the right. Youtube and Instagram are coming…just a ton of other stuff to do first!

Also, Raw Energee’s single “Climb The Wall,” is available now on all good digital stores, so make sure you check it out!

In Memorandum

It’s been quite a sad few weeks in the world of music, and here at Revolver, it’s been one that has seen many artists that shaped both rock and metal pass away. We would like to send our deepest condolences to the families of David Bowie, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, Scott Weiland and John Bradbury. All of them blazed a trail through their art and music, influencing countless thousands of young musicians and music industry workers to start and keep going with their craft. They have all left enormous legacies that will not be forgotten and they will be sorely missed.

May they rest in peace.

From the entire Revolver Team.


Well, well, well, what have we got here? Little over 24 hours after we tease you with what’s coming this year, we hit you with a surprise release!

On January 15th, you will be able to download and stream the debut single from Raw Energee. Climb The Wall is the precursor to his debut album, and this talented producer has certainly lead with a strong one. It’s an infectious tune that will get stuck in your head for days, and will whet your appetite for the coming album.

This will be a digital only single, and will be available from all good digital stores. When we’ve got some links for you, they’ll be shared with you all!

Raw Energee Climb The Wall